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  • Becoming a member of Solaris Club, the Solaris customer programme, is FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Until the opening of Solaris Centre, registration for Solaris Club membership will only take place online After Solaris is opened, membership can be applied for by filling out the registration form at the Solaris Centre information desk located on the level one (ground floor) of the centre.
  • Membership of Solaris Club can be granted to those who fill out the required fields and confirm the authenticity of the information.
  • The application may be rejected if the application’s required fields are not filled out.
  • You must be at least 16 years of age to register as a Solaris Club member.
  • Information on discounts and offers for Solaris Club members may be ordered by newsletter or SMS
  • Solaris Club membership status does not expire. Requests to cancel Solaris Club membership should be sent to or, after the centre is opened, made by written statement at the Solaris Centre information desk.
  • Solaris reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms and conditions of membership by publishing them on the website.
  • Registering as a Solaris Club member constitutes consent for Solaris Centre to process the personal data provided in conformity with the Estonian Personal Data Protection Act (RT I 2007, 68, 421).
  • The registered member gives consent to receive offers from Solaris’s partners on the contact information provided to Solaris.
  • Solaris Club members are obliged at the first opportunity to notify or (after the opening of Solaris Centre) the information desk of any changes to name or contact information.