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Solaris Food Store

Solaris Food Store – bigger and better than ever!

The largest and most exclusive grocery store in the city center, offering positive emotions as well as groceries and essentials at a stellar price-quality relationship.

The Solaris Food Store with its 2300 square meter sales area undoubtedly serves as one of the center’s key facilities that draws customers to revisit Solaris again and again. The Solaris Food Store has foremost become a favorite of the people living or working in its vicinity as the store’s selection boasts a multitude of goodies to enjoy with your morning coffee, as an invigorative lunch or a refreshing snack as well as an unforgettable dinner!

The Solaris Food Store offers Estonia’s best selection of salads, sushi materials, ecological cleaning products, deli products and, the favorite of many, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Nevertheless, the Solaris Food Store is not an expensive and fancy gourmet shop but rather a convenient shopping spot that you can afford every day, exhibiting a number of advantages over its competitors and pleasant quirks that are much to the liking of Tallinnites. In addition, the Solaris Food Store is situated in a location logistically highly convenient for the residents of the city – buses, trolleybuses as well as jitneys stop next to the center and drivers can park their cars in a heated underground parking garage.

Making no compromises, our goal is to keep the general price range of the store approximately one-tenth lower than that in Gourmet at Tallinn Kaubamaja. Our customers are sure to find a fresh produce section which leaves those of our competitors way behind, a wider selection of wines and sweets, a better arrangement of goods and more efficient in-store logistics. New brands, sold at the Solaris Food Store, represented in the Estonian market for the first time include yogurts by Ehrmann from Germany as well as Goldkenn candy and chocolates from Switzerland.

A new feature to be introduced to Solaris is a food stand where your meals will be cooked on site; this is good news for all locals wishing to try something new, exiting and affordable at mealtimes with a chance to see how and how quickly their meals of choice are prepared. The Delice brand will include oven warm pizzas, fresh salads, delicious pastries and much more. Our dishes are healthy, recipes well thought out and we will consider the customer’s special requests when cooking the food.

Our head chef is Karel Tallermaa.

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We are open daily 9.00 AM – 11.00 PM

phone +372 6631330