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WATCH WEAR is a concept store which has a unique and colorful list of well-known and quality-based brands such as TRIWA, Happy Socks, Rains, Rivieras, OAS, Dead Legacy , SWÄRK, New Balance and other contemporary lifestyle brands.
For passionate people who wish to bring a spectrum of color and individuality into their lives through quality clothing and accessories!

Three brands with attitude from the WATCH WEAR selection:

TRIWA, Sweden/ Watches and sunglasses that are stylishly Scandinavian. Designed for people with great taste.

Happy Socks, Sweden/ Colorful, energetic and happy socks, hosiery, underwear and loungewear, which spice up even the most greyest of the days or outfits.

RAINS, Denmark/ Water-resistant raincoats and bags, which defy bad weather and taste. Made for the self-conscious rain worshipper.

Open: 10:00 – 21:00