Free parking

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Please see detailed information how to get discounted price for customer:

Using Solaris Club client card

You can activate your discount in the payment terminal.

Enter parking ticket to the terminal and wait until the price is displayed.

Then enter Solaris Club card according to guidelines on the payment terminal.

Payment terminal will calculate discounted price, please pay the amount displayed on screen.

Marking your parking ticket at a purchase point

Take a parking ticket from the entry barrier and take it with you to Solaris Centre.

In shops, restaurants and information desk please ask the staff to mark your parking ticket.

In Apollo and Artis cinemas, Solaris food store and Nordea Concert Hall you can mark your parking ticket according to the instructions on the validator.

Please note that you can only mark your ticket once, otherwise the discount will be invalid.

If your parking ticket is validated (marked) at a purchase point, the payment machine will automatically calculate discounted price.


  • There are 233 parking spaces in the parking garage that is open 24 hours a day.
  • Entry to and exit from the parking garage is located on Sakala Street.
  • Parking can be paid for in cash or by bank card using a payment terminal.
  • Parking price is calculated by 30-minute increments.
  • After the payment you have 15 minutes to leave the garage.
  • In between trading hours of Solaris Centre you can access the parking garage through pedestrian door located on Teatri Väljak Street.


For further information please call +372 66 10 223 or write,

Price list

Parking time Price for the customer* Price
Every started 30 min 1 € 2 €
24h 10 € 20 €

Move the cursor to see the parking fee

Price for the customer*

2 €


4 €

* Discount is valid with your Solaris Club Card or if you get your parking ticket validated at a shop, eatery, cinema, concert hall or information desk located within the Solaris Centre. In addition, every third hour is free.


Carpark card


Parking with a bicycle

Bicycle parking is located near Solaris Centre entrances on Estonia Street and on Rävala Street.

On Estonia Street you can store your bicycle on the bike rack.

On Rävala Street there is smart and secure parking Bikeep where you don´t need to use your personal bicycle lock. Parking is for free.