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„The feeling of taste“ is a language that the whole world understands, even the neighbors. Try the best specialties of Latvian cuisine – simple, healthy and outstandingly tasty. The pleasant atmosphere and the friendly prices of Lido welcome you at every time – lunchtime, family dinner or friendly celebrations.

In addition, with the Solaris loyalty card you can receive a 5% discount for your meal and you get a nice smile from employees for free!

Lido: the ultimate buffet-style restaurant
The Lido buffet-style restaurant, with seating for 300, offers nearly 200 different selections – from selections fresh from the grill to a wide range of desserts.

Lido, with 1290 square metres of space, is a new restaurant with a distinctive concept that offers an unusually wide range of food and can serve up to 300 customers at a time. Lido is part of the famous Latvian chain of restaurants, which has nine locations in Riga, all boasting a high calibre of service and unique interior design, the largest of which accommodates up to 1000 customers at a time.

The restaurant chain’s concept has proved very popular in its home country over Lido’s 20 years in Latvia and the restaurants are very popular among international visitors to Riga, including Estonians. The first Lido location in Estonia will bring all of the restaurant’s best qualities to Estonia – ample space, good food and low prices. The cosy and spacious self-service restaurant offers over 200 different selections each day at very affordable prices. On weekdays, a solid lunch runs well under 100 kroons – good news for office workers in the city centre. Besides entrees, soups and salads, Solaris also has an express restaurant serving fresh grilled food.

The folksy atmosphere and homelike ambience of Lido have become its trademark along with the good food and low prices, and are sure to appeal to Estonians as well.

Open 10-23.