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Blender Juice & Coffee Bar’s first juice bar was opened in 2014. We believe that good food and great coffee is the basis of a happy life – which is why we offer a large selection of 100% fresh and raw juices and smoothies, coffee, crispy sandwiches and many more delicious goods!

The selection of drinks alone will blow your mind! Nutritious and enriching smoothies, thirst quenching juices, vitamin filled super-smoothies and our favorite milkshakes for all the sweet-tooths. It’s self explanatory that we also have a multifaceted coffee menu – whether you’re looking for something hot or cold, strong or bland, or altogether a tea drink? We have it all!

If sandwiches aren’t for you then our menu includes salads and wraps. Also meat and fish, and of course vegetarian options. Note that we use self-made pesto and bread!

We are located on the 2nd floor of Solaris.