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Solaris Gallery

Solaris Gallery is the newest addition to the trendy downtown neighborhood of Tallinn, and the biggest contemporary art gallery in the area ran by Bohemian Galleries. The stylishly minimalist gallery exhibits emerging, mid-career, and established artists from Estonia and the world bringing forward contemporary works through paintings, photography, street art, installations, assemblage, and infused mediums. The mission of Bohemian Galleries is to bridge various artist communities and provide its artists with greater exposure to new markets.

“By creating a new large art gallery at the street level, we want to bring the painting back on the pedestal,” comments the gallery’s curator Meelis Tammemägi and adds, “although the main focus of the exhibitions planned in the gallery is on painting, also photography, design, and architecture are honored. Each visit to the gallery is like a small journey through the history of design and architecture. With space-design details, we want to tell the story of Estonian and Scandinavian designers and introduce their creations.”

The art gallery can be entered between the pillars of the same doors, where the main entrance to the Sakala Center was originally designed by its architect Raine Karp.

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