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Raivo Korstnik’s exhibition “In Retrospect 6½: Salon and Studio”19. November 2021

Raivo Korstnik’s exhibition “In Retrospect 6½: Salon and Studio” at SOLARIS Gallery and cinema ARTIS 

“In Retrospect 6½: Salon and Studio” at SOLARIS Gallery introduces Raivo Korstnik’s (1932–1992) works throughout his creative period. The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Art Museum of Estonia, Tartu Art Museum, University of Tartu Art Museum and Viinistu Art Museum and has been supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Tour in Salon and Studio

On this Saturday, November 20th at 17:00 there will be a guided tour in SOLARIS Gallery for the exhibition “In Retrospect 6½: Salon and Studio”

The exhibition consists of sketches, drawings and paintings by a mystical artist Raivo Korstnik from four biggest art museums in Estonia and private collections. As part of the exhibition, Korstnik’s series of nude croquis are on display in the Artis cinema café.

The artist himself is no longer here, but we are in a room enriched with his work. Time has stood still. The road to the artist’s studio goes through his work: on the white high walls of the gallery there are masterpieces in the nirvana of the spotlights, mostly from art museums and private collections, but the easels and walls have designs and sketches. You can smell oil and turpentine in the air.

Most of the works in the galleries are successful and completed works. However, behind each work there are a number of thoughts, experiments, designs, and sometimes failures. The road to one work can be long and can sometimes take years.

“In Retrospect 6½: Salon and Studio” takes visitors to a timeless space through an exhibition installation, where it is possible to be part of the artist’s creative process and stay in the art museum, salon and artist’s studio at the same time. Something here says that creation is more lasting, longer and superior than life.

Raivo Korstnik studied at ERKI in 1951–1957 and participated in exhibitions since 1957, including the legendary 1966 exhibition of young artists. Later, participation in his exhibitions became less active. Since 1961, he has worked as a drawing teacher at the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, Tallinn University of Culture and ERKI. During this time, he was a teacher and an inspiration to many Estonian artists from following generations. 

I remember that once when I wanted to study painting, it was recommended to go to Raivo Korstnik. It was said that it didn’t matter which school – the main thing that Raivo was teaching,” recalls Raoul Kurvitz, an artist who studied under Raivo.

The exhibition will be open until December 12, 2021. 


“In Retrospect 6½: Salon and Studio” is curated and created by Maarja Korstnik and Meelis Tammemägi, with help from Jürgen-Kristoffer Korstnik, Siim Lootus and Ene Korstnik.

The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00 and on Sundays from 12:00 to 18:00. The gallery can be entered between the pillars next to the Alexela Concert Hall.

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