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Solaris shopping center: symbiosis of rich culture, local design, modern architecture and flavors from all over the world8. July 2019

Building shopping centers date back to ancient Roman times when local handcrafters were united under one roof to sell their products. The legendary Apollodorus of Damascus in Rome is believed to be the forerunner of our traditional shopping mall.

Why these kinds of buildings were started to build and how they have become necessary these days? The answer is easy – comfort. 

By joining different businesses into a single union, there’s no need to leave the building to acquire everything you need. Parking is made available close to the building or designed to be a part of the center (underground, rooftop).

From clothing stores to pharmacy, hair salon to food store – shopping centers are there to help you save time, energy and trouble.


Solaris believes to stand out from others. Why you may ask?

  • Solaris is honored to house stores no other shopping center in Tallinn has.
  • Solaris has a homey feeling and it’s rarely overcrowded.
  • Solaris is more than just a simple shopping center, it is also a cultural center.
  • Solaris has not one, but two cinemas.
  • A gym.
  • It has one of the most modern concert halls in North-Europe and have hosted the most loved musicians from all over the world, for example James Blunt. Solaris also hosted Barack Obama back in 2014.


To find out more about this extraordinary shopping center, here is a short overview what Solaris has to offer.


Architecture & design: Solaris mixes old with new

Opened in 2009, Solaris building presented itself as a perfect combination of old and new modern design.

Astounding is the fact that the limestone tower of the old Sakala Culture Center that was left to stand after demolition has been perfectly combined with the new and fresh architectural design.

Providing the visitor a remarkable sight of old and new together, Solaris shopping center is worth sightseeing itself.

With the spacious atrium, the center is full of natural light and splendid atmosphere to take a break from your day. Cakes from the Gustav cafe are one the most popular ones in Tallinn. People often enjoy a piece of sweet heaven and have a coffee in the middle of atrium where the seats are located.

Designed by Raivo Puusepp, Solaris shopping center stands proudly in the heart of the city.


Events & culture: Everyone finds something entertaining to spice up their day

Solaris center is much a meeting destination as a place to shop and eat. With a stunning central atrium, it hosts regular art, cultural and educational events within the architecturally stunning building.

From book presentations to small concerts held in the ever-evolving space, Solaris creates an inspirational and culturally stimulating destination in Tallinn.

With its superb technical resources, intelligent design and excellent acoustics, Alexela Concert Hall brings the best music experience to the listeners. Seating for over 1800 people, it is also the perfect place for a fully-equipped presentation and conference theatre.

That’s not all. Solaris center houses two different movie theaters.

Apollo cinema on the second and third floor is one of a kind. With 7 movie rooms and able to fit 1600 viewers at the same time, it is one of the biggest cinema complexes in Estonia. Apollo cinema has also hosted the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, which brings together movies from all around the world.

For the people enjoying indie movies and not the typical blockbusters, Artis cinema is screening primarily European films in its regular programming and special film events. In 2015, Artis earned the best programming title from the European Cinemas.


Fashion & stores: Solaris provides every fashion gourmet’s desserts

Visually beautiful environment makes Solaris center a stylish shopping experience for lovers of best designer fashion and lifestyle.

With more than 30 brands stores and shops from high-end retailers, the selection variates from local manufacturers of accessory to well-known clothing boutiques.

One of the biggest attractions and extraordinary showrooms in Solaris is Estonian Design House. Brands such as New Vintage by Kriss and KUMA with other top designers of Estonia offer their most spectacular products in Solaris.

Displaying and selling products and clothing from hundreds of Estonian designers, bringing the creation of our nation closer to the client.

From jewelry to home improvement, Solaris is there to offer the greatest experience for shopping. A wide variety of beauty and health stores satisfy all the essential needs of the customer.


Accessibility & parking: Solaris cares for the customer’s comfort and well-being

Great transport links and 24 hours open parking house with wide parking lots make Solaris the best connected and visited shopping destination in Tallinn.

Secure pedestrian routes and over 200 car parking spaces directly underneath the center, create a comfortable accessibility and no trouble for parking while visiting Solaris.

Thanks to well-organized bus routes and bus stop directly in front of the center, this amazing shopping place is just a short walk away. In advance, bus or trolley routes are connected to every part of the city, including the Ülemiste City, which is next to Estonian’s biggest airport.

For tourists exploring the Old Town, the shortest route for taking a stroll to the Solaris is through Tammsaare park.

Solaris also takes care of bicyclers, providing them with plenty of free and secured parking spaces. Also, bicycle parking is free in Solaris.


Food & flavors: Sushi, pasta, pizza, fresh-baked pastry, and vegan dishes – there is something for everyone

Solaris is one of Tallinn’s premier shopping centers, offering shoppers a wealthy selection of shops and eateries right in the heart of the city center. From fast food to healthy vegetarian dishes,  the selection of restaurants is wide and exciting.

After a shopping spree, the best place to head next is one of a large number of gourmet coffee businesses. When you feel vanished and need a quick bite to eat – Bliss, Komeet, Gustav Cafe, Vapiano and many more are there to serve you delicious food. The gourmet culture in Solaris has a wide selection – chinese, indian, japanese, italian, local and vegan food are there to fill everyone’s guts.

In addition to cafes and restaurants, there are stores specialized on healthy food and selling products from local manufacturers and farmers.

On impressive 2300 square meters, Delice food store has grown to be the favorite food store for many locals. With the price range lower than others, Delice still offers the best quality and fresh products. A kitchen on the spot provides the opportunity for the customer to see how their food is made. When in need of early breakfast or late night snack, Delice is open every day 9-23.


Location: in the heart of sightseeing places

Solaris center (Estonia puiestee 9) is located in the heart of the central city of Tallinn, a short distance from the legendary medieval old town.

Having the Estonian Opera house and Drama theatre across the street, the shopping center is a part of the cultural mecca of the area.

After a long day of shopping in Solaris, one can enjoy classical ballett and opera at the Estonia Concert Hall since it’s located next to Solaris.

With spectacular views to the center of the city, Solaris stands tall and proud on the previous location of Sakala Culture Center. While watching over others bustling around the city, one can relax and enjoy their tasty dish from the best restaurants in the city.


A pleasant stay is guaranteed! Welcome!