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Win Solaris!3. December 2009

 Do you want Solaris for yourself for a whole day?

Some would say that it’s a miracle. But every day Christmas comes closer one snow-crunchy step at a time and strange things can happen. If miracles do happen in Estonia, then when else if not on Christmas Day! And where else if not at Solaris!

If you buy goods from any of the various stores at Solaris for at least 100 kroons, you may win the Solaris Beautiful Life Package which is the same for a movie, theatre, fashion and shopping freak at Solaris as the licence to kill for James Bond. Step in wherever you want to, sit down wherever you want to, enjoy shows, taste delicacies, choose things, watch a movie… All for free! You may enter everywhere without knocking. You will be recognised from a distance!


With the Solaris Beautiful Life Package you will get 

a breakfast at Mamo; 

a pass to the Bodies exhibition; 

a coffee and an ice cream at Café Kehrwieder;

a lunch at Lido or Vapiano;

a Solaris gift token for 10 000 kr; 

a dinner at Café Komeet or Sushihouse;

a pass to a theatre performance or a concert at Nokia Concert Hall;

a visit to the theatre café;

a great movie experience at Cinamon;

a drink at the Vapiano lounge;

free parking for one day


There is just one winner.

Who, that will be drawn on December 25 at 4.30 p.m. by the hand of Lenna Kuurmaa.

You have nothing to lose, yet you may win the whole Solaris! 

The duration of the campaign in is December 5-24, 2009 

Keep your receipt, otherwise we can’t fixate the win.

For more information and the campaign rules click on the link: