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Dear cinema fan23. October 2009

Surely you have heard, seen or read in the news that in connection with the ceiling accident in Cinamon in the Solaris centre of Tallinn we have decided to close the cinema until ceilings of all cinema halls located in Solaris have been removed and reconstructed from the beginning.

 "Although people have high expectations for our cinema and we wish to start to fulfil them as soon as possible, we take all time needed to ensure hundred-percent safety of the visitors and therefore we shall reopen the cinema only after all ceilings have been reconstructed," executive manager of Cinamon Kristjan Kilp said. For the sake of complete safety of cinema visitors we are not planning to save time or economize on anything. We shall announce the reopening date of cinema separately on our homepage, in e-newsletter and media.
In November Cinamon will become the home of Dark Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) for the next five years. Fortunately there is enough time until the start of PÖFF, to complete the necessary construction activities and reopen the cinema, but in addition to PÖFF also regular programme and special events return to Cinamon. See you soon in Cinamon in Tallinn!
In connection with the incident we returned the ticket price to the people having bought the tickets, and also presented free cinema tickets, but due to the decision of reconstruction the term of use of many of them would expire during the closing period of the cinema. Therefore we extend the term of validity of all free cinema tickets up to the end of 2009. Extension of the term of use of free cinema ticket is automatic and requires no action from your side – a ticket with validity date of October or November 2009 can be used in the ticket desks of Cinamon in Solaris until 31.12.2009. We wish vivid film experiences in Cinamon, which will be reopened in Tallinn Solaris centre in November 2009!
Yours Cinamon